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Pricing on 2010 3.8 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track?

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Hi guys,

I bought a demo 7k mile Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track for $25k before taxes/fees about 2 months ago. Everyone has been telling me that I got a good deal, but I still feel a bit skeptical about it. I figured it would be more satisfying to hear the opinions of real Genesis Coupe enthusiasts. what kind of deal do you guys think I got? Please be honest, as I rather know the truth than believe a lie. Thanks

Edit: I also bought the car in California since prices vary from place to place.
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Oh yeah, you got a totally decent deal on it. My 3.8 track was a bit more than that but I still got it for 6 under MSRP, which until now I thought was unheard of. I'm sure a big part of it was buying the 2010 model instead of the 2011 but hey, it's still brand new.

I'd say you're doing good, though remembe, it is natural to feel at least a little bit of buyers remorse any time you buy something as costly as a car. I mean there goes a ton of money, every month for quite a while. It'll pass though. :bigthumbup:
You got reemed, imo, and here are my reasons:

1. Its a demo, it should have been closer to 22K with 6,000 miles on it.

2. Its a 2010, there should be a bigger discount, at least imo, when buying a car that has a newer year available- When i bought my Rx8 in 08, the 09's were just out and the car was $6,000 Discount off msrp.
i got an offer from a local dealer for 25k OTD for a brand new 3.8 R-Spec.

and currently an offer for 29k OTD for a 3.8 Track fully loaded that i wanna pick up=)
the leftover 2010's had manufacturers rebates of $6500 up here (canada), thats if you could find one.

I went and looked at a couple out of curiousity, both were cars that had been on test drives and had been sitting in showrooms for a while. Even though they were technically "new" they still showed wear on the seats(all that getting in and out on the showroom floor)

If you are happy with your deal, then thats all that matters.
i saw a GC in alberta... 3.8GT, 30k km's, and the dealer was selling it for $20k. daaamn i wanted to jump on that.
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