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I have a 2015 3.8 Ultimate. This car comes with the 7” touchscreen BlueLink navigation/radio system.
Sometime in 2020, it started to take longer for the controls to come up (all I got was a loading bar for a few minutes). Flash-forward to 2022, and during my hour-long travel between San Diego and Orange County the radio would stay loading the whole time. (Bluetooth was unusable during this time, but I could still flip between FM stations)

In the interest of saving money and not replacing the whole radio, I bought a map upgrade from, Hyndai’s subsidiary. Only $40 after tax and shipping.
The upgrade took about 3 hours (2 of those were waiting for the radio to start up between upgrade phases), but the radio no longer bootloops! And, ofc it has new features (Volume lowers when it’s put into reverse, the radio stays off and auto-reconnects bluetooth if that’s what you were listening to last, and of course the latest navi data).

Interesting side note, if you put it into engineering mode, you can get the S.M.A.R.T. data from the eMMC onboard, and one of the chips appears to have become corrupted. Overwriting this data may have caused the block to be allocated elsewhere. But if one block is corrupted, it‘s likely the whole chip is going bad :(.

As always, YMMV
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