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ok this is gonna be a little long but I would appreciate any help
So basically I’ve been overheating so I looked for a leak and I found it and replaced the hose so I started the car and started filling it up with coolant and I saw a little smoke but I didn’t think much of it and kept filling up with coolant then I heard the radiator fan kick on and the smoke went away so I kept looking around and everything looked great so I was gonna go for a test drive and I noticed that the fan stopped and then over by the headers started smoking again so I kept filling coolant so I decided to turn off the car and then turn it on again and it was idling SO rough so basically I’m wondering why the fan stopped why I was idling so rough why there was smoke which was also coming from over by the radiator fill cap for the last half of the project and anything else you might think I should check also my temperature gage was at half the whole time I have a 2012 2.0t and it only has 42k miles
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