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okay, so form what i know, the (4) links on the rear suspension have bolts which suppose to have some play on it, please correct me if i'm wrong, to adjust bolts for camber is to loosen them and hold it to the direction you want whether farthest back for positive and farthest front for negative camber then tighten?

i want to be able to adjust some camber by myself when my fenders get pulled, please explain, whoever has the know how. ty


this view also shows how the two upper links (white) and the two lower links (black) locate the wheel and control camber and caster while the toe-link keeps it pointed in the right direction.

And that “right direction” changes as the suspension strokes up and down. The stubby length of the toe link means it will pull the tire in at the front (toe-in) as the outside tire compresses in hard cornering, thereby adding a dab or stabilizing roll understeer at the critical moment.

Other items of note: Steel is used for the knuckle (green) and all the other parts to save money and keep this car affordable. Could aluminum raise the performance bar further? Sure, but that'd cost more. This car does very well for its price point.

Rear alignment is adjustable via cams (orange) on the toe link and the rear lower link.
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