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DIY: Rear deck removal/Sub Installation​

As with any DIY you assume full responsibility for what you do to your car and I am in no way liable for any damage that happens. In other wards do this DYI at your own risk!

Car: 2010 Genesis coupe R-Spec Edition
For all of my DIY the car model and trim will be a 2010 Genesis coupe R-Spec Edition most trims will be the same for most aspects but there is the possibility that things can be different on your trim vehicle that may require altering the DIY steps ect.

Philips screwdriver
Socket wrench
10MM socket
Socket Extension
Drill bits*
*needed if installing a custom sub.

Rear Deck Removal:
1) First slide up both front seats to give you some working room in the back. Once you do that pull down your back seats so you can see the rear panel. You will use your Philips screw driver to remove all of the bolts holding this panel on.

2) Open your trunk and remove the floor matt to expose the cars body. You will see all the way in the back of your trunk near the seats there is a foam protector screwed onto the floor this needs to be removed. Remove the screws using your Philips screw driver. Once you remove the foam protector you will see two bolts that hold the rear panel [where the red arrow are pointing to]. You will need your 10 MM socket to remove these two bolts.

3) Now the rear panel is fully unbolted and ready to come out. You’ll notice its split into two different pieces a left and right one. This is the method I used so I can shortcut removing the rest of the interior panels. The rear panel interlocks with the side panel. It is shaped like an L. Take the left panel at the farthest end from the side panel and pull it towards you and around clockwise so that the panel slips free from the side panel. You will need to use some force but don’t go Rambo on it and break the panel either just take caution while doing this. Do this for the right side as well.

4) Okay now the hard part is done the rest is very simple. You will now have to remove the rear pillars. To do this get a flat head screw driver to remove the cap then use your 10MM socket with an extension to remove the bolt holding it in place. When you go to pull this off just be careful as there are a lot of wires you do NOT want to mess with.

5) Now pull up slightly on the rear deck carpet panel so you can see under it. Use your flashlight and locate where the brake light plug is and unplug it it should be directly in the center all the way back. Now just pull up on the rear deck there are around 4 pressure clips that hold it on. Now the rear panel has been removed and can easily be pushed out of the way just give the seat belts a lot of extra slack and push the rear deck into the trunk. If you look at the bottom of my first picture you’ll see the rear deck just pushed aside. I also added some pictures of the rear without the interior.

Sub Installation:

1) Now that the rear deck has been removed you can install your 8” sub. That is the largest size you will be able to fit in there without modifying the rear deck. First you’ll either see a black dummy plate if your car doesn’t have a sub or a sub if you do. This plate is held on by 4 10MM bolts.

2) Now that the plate is removed test fit your sub in the hole to make sure it fits. From here on I can’t give you anymore guidance as subs and way to mount them will vary so you’ll need to use some ingenuity to mount her up. Remember to lay it out well where your drilling the hole and test fit until your certain it’s how you want it.

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