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Recall 991

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Got a recall letter in the mail today. recall campaign 991 which incudes a wax spray undercoating at no charge. Probably region dependent.

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I tossed it in the trash. Pissed me off. My car is 12 years old and now they want to do something for rust? No thanks. If it's already rusting the only way to stop it to kill, or remove, the rust.

Mine's not rusted. It has "lived" in central VA all it's life and never goes out when the roads are bad/salted (yeah, it happens maybe once a year, in a bad year two or three times). It stays in the garage when not being driven.

Anyone who lives and has to drive where they salt the roads knows how bad if makes vehicles rust. So do the dealers and the car companies. Waiting a decade to off to treat cars for rust is a decade too late to stop it before it starts.

Reminded me of the dealer making excuses for not taking care of the start up rattle issues on my 3.8 while trying to talk me into transmission/cooling system flushing/refilling that costs hundreds of dollars at 1/3 the miles recommended in the owners manual.

Drove my Coupe yesterday. Still fun, after all these years.
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There's some stuff you can get (parts stores and Amazon) called Fluid Film.

The guys on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum swear by it. Many of them spray their truck frames/bottoms every fall before winter.

It's a sort of waxy/oily stuff made from sheep's wool. Been around for 50 or 60 years. Bio degradable, environmentally safe, etc.

It says, on the label/description that it will penetrate rust and work it's way to the metal surface beneath the rust and seal the metal off from the rust.

I'm not saying it works. I do know people who swear it works. I've sprayed it on the bottom of my new F250 once (year before last). My truck only gets into the bad weather/salt a couple times a year. So far it looks good.

Takes a lot more for the crew cab 8 ft. bed F250 than it would for a Coupe or other small car.

They say it will wash off eventually and that's why most who use it spray it on every fall before the snow starts.
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