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Recall 991

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Got a recall letter in the mail today. recall campaign 991 which incudes a wax spray undercoating at no charge. Probably region dependent.

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I also got this. I have noticed rust forming inside of the frame rails. I have a 2010 ls swapped coupe and a 2013 2.0 and got letters for both. I'm nervous that the dealer will do a **** job undercoating and if there is already rust my guess is they will just blast over it with undercoating and make it worse. I doubt they will even let the ls swapped one in but I may give it a shot. I'll see if they will do just the cavity wax and no undercoating. I plan to go to the Dealer in a couple weeks to talk to the dudes that will actually doing it to get a feel for their intelligence.
They told me when I scheduled it in person that if the rust is bad enough they're swapping frames for free as part of the recall. If not than at least the dealer I went to is
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On my Accent the rust started at the seams. Whatever they used as a sealer failed. A couple of places the paint bubbled up, one on the hood. But the Gen Coupe is pretty good. I don't drive it in the salt though they use the calcium chloride water mix and It's been in that.

Last summer I painted the rear subframe and anything else in the area with a big fast spraying can of Rustoleum. It had some surface rust. I've had brake lines and PS lines rust out and will always paint them sooner or later when I can get to them.
I'm starting to get rust bubbles in the paint. I have a really bad one on the tip of my hood
Also got the letter about a week ago. Noticed rust bubble, glad that it will be fixed free of charge.
They didn't fix my rust bubble
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