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reflash group for arabian gulf

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hello ..... all genesis coupe in kuwait saudi bahrain uae qatar oman ... who want to reflash there car by SFR let me know jay may visit us
let me know counting cars for now :)
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Just to let you know, PowerAxel will be coming to Saudi in Feb/March. They will be in Dammam.
I would be interested in a ecu reflash (based in UAE ) and have 2 more friends interested
Let me know what's happens
Im in

Dammam - Saudi Arabia
you got me so exited here :D

when is Jay going to visit us? which country?
I am on for this as well well i am located in Oman and would love a re-flash for my geny
I'll be in Qatar in two weeks if anybody who lives there feels like showing me around. Won't be bringing the Genesis though, as it will not fit in my carry on.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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