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Hi there,
Are there replacement break pads for the Genesis coup brembos? Im trying to stay stock but the dealership is asking almost 1400 for what they are calling break pads. Pushing them for more info and they said its resurfacing the rotors and break pads. This still doesnt add up and I can figure out how they are getting to that price unless they are replacing the entire caliper. Is this the only option for a break job or can I just buy pads and replace those as they seem to be much much cheaper to do that and the calipers all look fine. I only have 30k on my car atm.

Another question: how much of a benefit is it to replace the rotors with something more performance oriented? Any suggestions on what would be a decent upgrade but not insanly expensive?

To change the subject a reduce your unsprung wt. ,which is 1 benefit of lighter$$$$ rotors (carbon ceramic) you can replace those stock 19" wheels w/ some Enkei RPF1, or OZ Allegerita or similar & if you go 18" save, about 19 lbs a corner. you can get new wheels, new tires TPS mounted road balanced from Tire Rack cheaper than carbon ceramic rotors ups, sorry you were asking about brakes.
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