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Rules update 09/01/2014

1) All Genesis Coupe models compete against each other. There is no restriction on trim level or modifications, anyone can nominate their car.

2) If you have won in the past 3 months you are not eligible. (e.g., If you won for the month of April the next month you could enter would be August)

3) No "photoshopping" of photos in a manner that manipulates the look of the car. White balance and other tasteful color edits are allowed. Changing the color of the vehicle or accessories is NOT allowed. HDR and other such effects, presets or filters are allowed but frowned upon. Anyone that is thought to have violated this rule will be given a very short period of time (3-6 hours) to provide unaltered photos. If the Admin team feels that anyone has violated this rule they will be disqualified from any future contests.

4) You may only enter your own personal car.

5) You must own the car at the time of nomination. Previously owned cars that have been sold/wrecked will not be permitted.

6) Each entry is allowed a maximum of 5 photos. You are not allowed to change your photos once the Nomination thread has been closed, unless otherwise discussed with the staff. The 5 picures are your choice of what you want them to be. My suggestion grab a few of the outside,inside,and the engine bay to show off all your goodies!

7) Spamming members via PM is strictly prohibited. It's one thing to send your friend a message and say "Hey dude, vote for me", but messaging random forum members and recruiting them for a vote is not allowed.

8) No one with less than 100 posts is allowed to vote (this is an attempt to stop the creation of new accounts to vote for people and attempt to alter the outcome)

9) At the end of the set date of the month the entry thread will be locked for 24 hours and the Admin staff will take the top five entries and put them into the voting thread. After all the votes are completed and the thread is locked the winner will recieve one full year of free membership or a prize from a vendor if one sponsors that month.

10) In the end, keep it clean and civil, and most of all, have fun with it! Any bashing or extreme trash talk will result in your entry being pulled and possible days off if needed!

Rules may be modified by Moderators/Administrators without notice.

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