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Rims for 2011 3.8 genesis coupe

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im looking for decently priced rims for a 2011 genesis 3.8 i coupe, i wanna get something with a deep dish and where i can leave the middle black and paint the entire lip the color of my car, or vice versa. any suggestions. i am a novice when it comes to looking up rims ect.... i have had my fair share of getting ripped off by putting 22's on my bmw x5 which were a little too heavy and everydday i drive around has a slight chance to rip my tranny to shreds.
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search search search....flame suit [on]off
Use the google search up top ^^
hahah i know ive been looking on google but i cant find anything :( im finding all digusting rims and none with dishes..... if anyone can just point me in the right direction i can find what i need, i just need a little shove u know
Look in the wheels thread. It's up to 70+ pages. Look in the media forum also.
im looking for a deep dish, not a deep concave, i went to the first link and it wasnt really helpful i read the whole one, the guy didnt know the difference between concave and deep dish
Check out They have a large selection and seem to have excellent prices.
anyone a fan of the Axis SUper Pentas ?
If I were to do Axis, I'd probably get the Shine:

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looking for a black rim / grayish to go with the carbon fiber hood / skirt / lips / diffuser / trunk and roof that im putting on the car, not really feeling the chrome! have 22" chrome's on my bmw x5, trying to go a different route this time u know?
It's not chrome, it's polished. And that car you see pictured has a CF lip, side skirts and hood.
^ yeah those wheels are hott if i were going for that look id be rocking those
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