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What do i do here?? Please help!!

Hey guys,
I have a few questions that have been making me crazy. :confused:
I have been reading different threads and have found a few that are helpful. However, i need a little bit more help with all this. As of right now, my car is very close to stock. All i have is the Forge Blow off, Megan Racing Downpipe and Injen Intercooler Piping. Its kinda pathetic and pontless to be looking at raising boost with how little i have done. Except in the next 2 weeks i am dropping a few grand into the gen. I will be putting the Injen Intake along with Injen or 7ism catback (THIS ISN'T MY PROBLEM SO PLEAS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD DON'T POST ABOUT WHAT EXHAUST TO CHOOSE) and megan test pipe so the exhaust will be complete. Also i will be putting on most likely the AMS Intercooler (so i can use my injen intercooler piping still and not just eat the money i already spent). Also i will be doing coilovers. probably the Stance +Pro.
I am looking to gain overall performance. I had an IS300 that was boosted, then after several problems and several thousand dollars i returned to Naturally Aspirated and had just bolt ons and suspension work. I really enjoyed the car (when it worked) and promised to never mess with my car if it would risk making it unreliable. With saying this, i know that if you want to not worry about problems, don't mod your car... I just don't want to go through the hassle of rebuilds and tearing it apart etc. It is my daily driving car but i want to be able to go out to the track as much as i can and also be able to keep up (if not beat) my friends with their EVOs, STIs, Boosted 350z, Srt-4s and everything.

Now that i have said what i plan to do and what not, please help me figure out the best approach and the next few steps to achieving this..

Here are my main questions...

1- I know that getting the PowerAxle reflash module is a must. I probably will get that. But I looked up the instructions and i don't get how to upload info to the ecu. Can someone tell me fast what to do after i plug it in? Also, any other information would be much appreciated.

2- After doing these mods, Is the Dyno Jeb CMD ( Dynojet CMD Tuner for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T at GenRacer - Performance parts for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe ) a good purchase to raise my boost or what? What will be the next step to getting just a little more boost and kind of just finish her off. I want the car to be safe and reliable, so i am a little iffy on running 20psi. I just don't like how i will have all these mods done to my car that will only be running 14 pounds of boost. That makes no sense to me, and leads to my last queston which is

3- I would prob. want it around 18psi? Honestly, I don't know what to run it at. What do you all think and recommend? with these mods and tuning to the ECU, what is a good boost level? Also, I have seen the Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid. I was wanting to put that on with just the mods i have on now, but after reading more i learned that is a bad thing? What does that mainly help with?

Also, if anyone has ANY input at all about other things to consider, things I should know, if there are other mods or tunes i should consider or just anything else, I would really appreciate the feedback. If you want to even send me a message that would work.

I appreciate how helpful this community is about our cars. I have learned much and gotten alot of help from you all.

Thanks to you all!!! :hello:

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Anytime you mod a car you pretty much reduce reliability. If the person doing the modding isn't competent, you reduce reliability that much more.

If you are getting the PowerX & having it custom tuned on a dyno, the CMD is not necessary. If you are getting the PowerX & using the stored off the shelf tune, then the CMD comes in handy to fine tune, as long as you know what you are doing.

18psi is all I'm willing to push the OEM turbo, even with every mod available. Once a bigger freer flowing turbo is on, then the boost can go up.

Hope that helps.

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If you go with the Upgraded BR turbo and custom tune, you will be keeping a stock turbo slightly reworked which drives like a NA car, Upgrade your injectors, stick with stock boost control. Some members have had problems with the Grimspeed. It was supposed to be a faster, more reliable boost controller. Turns out not to be. Stock unit works just fine. I believe the main thing is to go with a custom tune on a dyno. Should be more reliable. Tons of posts here about CMD problems. If ou like to tinker and do not mind minor annoyances then by all means. My experience has been zero problems with a custom tune on a dyno. But I am in Korea, and options are more limited in the states.
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