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Should I do, CM Clutch & SPEC Flywheel

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I am wondering to use the SPEC Flywheel with the CM Clutch Stage 3. SPEC Flywheel is 9 pounds ligther and Cost $400 less also I have couple of friends using CM in other vehicules and the SPEC clutch review don't convince me to go there.

Any advices?
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Same question. Bump.
I don't recommend mismatching parts like that since the manufacturer made those components to work with one another.

I'm not saying it won't work or even won't work well...IDK Just that I wouldn't attempt it on my build.

BTW, Too light of a flywheel can be a bad thing due to the lack of intertia to get it moving.
No, In some cases you can do that. Most likely will not work with the Gen. If you use flywheel then use Spec clutch. The CM flywheel is still lighter than stock. The bad Spec reviews are mainly from people who used the Spec clutch with OEM flywheel. Have not heard people complain of problems with the CM so why not spend the money to with what is turning out to be a good combo.
Spec wouldn't even ship my flywheel until they verified what clutch I had ordered with it. You could call them and find out for sure.

I missed their call about what clutch I had and hardly check my voicemails, didn't find out until after I ordered the clutch the next day from a different vendor. Spec then released the flywheel and shipped it with the clutch. They at least seem to have their act together over there.
I love my spec stage three plus and flywheel!! Had the crank sensor issue three times and it hasn't happened again. Now that I know it isn't a big deal it's ok but before I was afraid though. I have had a bunch of problems on other cars running the CM setup. That's why I went spec this time. I have also had good luck with ACT as well but I don't think they make a flywheel for this car.
The spec flywheel will only work spec clutch. This is from the mouth of spec and clutchmaster as I had to sell my cm clutch to use spec flywheel. With a 681 ft pound hold rating it was hard not to go with spec combo.
i was taling to one of my friends the other day and he was giving me advice on what clutch/flywheel to get he said personally he has never had problem with CM..and from his experience he has only had a few problems with Spec...but i guess ACT is a hit or miss cuz some honda guys hate it while mitsubishi guys like them(no idea about GC)....idk but personally i wouldn't mix and match. and id say spec cuz i have one and i've had no problems with it.
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