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I came across this brand after I had some issues with my springs and struts I had on before. In the past I've avoided coilovers for this car because I've run them on other cars and once they're set I don't adjust them so I didn't see the value in them being highly adjustable. That being said I contacted the manufacturer directly since this is a new product to the US. They gave me a lot of info.

One of the biggest and best things to me is that you have the option of upgrading the top hat with a radial bearing. This, to me, is very important with a MacPherson strut since this will allow it to rotate with ZERO coil bind. This means no pops and bangs from your front suspension. The tradition was of doing this is by using a PTFE bearing which may work, but I wanted the extra security. Below is an image just before installing them.

I'm avoiding a lot of the install because there are a lot of DIY's on coilovers.

The spring rates are fully customizable. I did my own calculations for spring rate based off motion ratio, how I'll use the car, etc. and did not use their standard rates. Having driven on them for about 5k miles I can say with 100% certainty that these can ride WAY WAY more comfortable than anything I've felt on the coupes local to me. Much smoother than eibach springs with bilstein shocks and also stance coils. Now, the stiffness can be turned up much higher. I usually leave it in the middle for a "sporty" feel. These are the best purchase I've made for my suspension so far.

I didn't go very low with them because I plan to do more performance oriented stuff with the car and my driveway is a big limiting factor since I scrape even when lowered on ~1.2"

It is also worth noting that they are currently working to bring a true rear coilover to this application as well. If you plan to adjust the rear, you'll need to drill a hole through the trunk otherwise the the shocks need to be removed in order to adjust the damping.

TL;DR These are great coilovers that will give the other brands a run for their money. The ones I have don't go super low, but can order lower kits from them.
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