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sneak peak of my car

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So i haven't done a build thread yet, nor really talked about my car because it has been in the shop since june and i don't really wanna talk about something i don't have finished and in my possession. but i got a video of my car finally running, pretune. hopefully in the next couple months ill have some post tune videos. sorry for the poor quality, i also stuck in a picture so you can see what is supposed to look like under the hood. of course it would sound better in person. *edit* as a side not those photos are from when i had my car at Crawford Performance also, i only add this because i know one member has his car there now ;)

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also it should be peek not peak in the title... sorry its late and i just got off work
very nice, im still waiting on someone to make a good manifold before i go top mounted turbo. i've spent way too much on this setup that i have now to just go and buy a new turbo.

Looks very good though!!!!! :)
Built block I assume?
yea, BR internals
oh man this is sweet. hope mines will be like this
Looking good!! Out of curiosity how much money have you spent so far?
Love it, what size turbo are you running???
Very nice, I'll be looking for some pics and details. keep up the good work:cool:
That's the same tubular EM I was thinking about when the time comes.

Looks like you've made a great deal of progress, look forward to seeing her tuned.
DUDE, when can i come see this in person?
the turbo is a GT30r.

as for when you can see it late april/may hopefully. I am having Pro EFI hardwire in one of their ECUs and tune it right now and the time frame is mainly on when then can Frankenstein the two ECUs together. the car is in tucson, az still but right how i have plans to go back the first week of april and drive it back to va, but i plan on stopping off in kentucky to see some family and friends so i have 3 weeks planned to drive
From a visual perspective, the top mount turbo looks awesome. :D
yea it does look pretty sexy lol
Is there any benefit to running a top mount style versus not top mounted
The advantage of a top mount turbo system is the ability to run larger exhaust housings I believe.
Wow. So, when are we going to hear more about the kits Crawford is building? Hoping it's something like this with a GT30r. :)
Good choice on ProEFI... When we had planned on still building the car the groundwork had already been laid for us with ProEFI... Those are a good set of guys to work with...

ALL the luck! I only wish mine would of come together ;)
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