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Solo Performance Cat back exhaust for sale.

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Listing for $750, price negotiable. A couple months ago my 2011 3.8 was side swiped and insurance claimed it totaled. Less than a month prior to that I had purchased the solo exhaust. The exhaust itself did not have any damage to it and still works and looks fine. At this point I just want to get it out of my garage. I am located in Greensboro NC. I am willing to deliver it myself depending on the distance and could work out shipping if necessary. Also if anyone knows anywhere else that i could possibly sell the exhaust please let me know.
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Do you still have this by chance? I will have to see if it will fit a BK2 but I think it does. I'm torn between Solo and Ark....
Yes I do! It should fit your BK2. I was the same man. I think what really drew me in to the solo is that I’m my opinion it’s better for daily just because of the no drone and it’s not crazy loud, but that’s just me.
I've heard nothing but good things about Solo! That, its the perfect sound. I want it loud but not "wake up your neighbors" loud hahaha!
I have $500 cash now, and I get paid next week so I'll have the rest then. How much would shipping be to 44321?
Yea i was the same lol. Sounds good man. Would you be up to meeting in the middle? Shipping’s a couple hundred dollars lol. I’ll put the price at $700 for the inconvenience.
Yea i was the same lol. Sounds good man. Shipping is gonna be a good couple hundred. Would you mind meeting in the middle? I could bring it down to $700 for the inconvenience.
I wouldn't mind! I'm off Fridays and am free on weekends as well. We can plan something
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