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stereo replacement

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Hi guys, I have 2012 r-spec 3.8 manual. I looking to upgrade to the oem touch screen navigation stereo system. Has anyone had any issues? I do know I need to replace the mounting brackets and the trim. Anything else I should be aware of? any wiring I need to mess with or its just direct swap. I am open to If there are after market stereos then OEM. Just need good bluetooth connection then my stock non-gps/touch screen(infinity stereo). Thanks.
Sorry, new to this thread and have't figured out how to search things.
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roof antenna
OEM infinity amp and wiring
and some major reconstructive wiring on the harness to the point that it would be easier to just swap dash harnesses.
All the bk1 stereos were crap. I changed mine 6 months after owning the car.
I couldn't stand the pop, then pause every 5 minutes when the bluetooth would reset.
Most OEM nav (all manufacturers) units before 2014? are run some version of Windows CE (think the version of windows before the first windows phones came out a while back).

I have a chinese stereo form Xrross

I got it because it has an Android OS and the company offers regular updates/patches for their stereos
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I really want to upgrade my BK1 system. But i want to keep the steering wheel functionality and i really just want BT for my music. Any suggestions?
the no name "navi" stereos can be programmed with steering wheel controls.

Basically you wire it up, with the controls (3 wires. 1 ground, and 2 signal wires. 1 for each side of the steering wheel) start the app to learn controls, then follow the instructions.

The last 3 android base chinese stereos were setup like that.
Requires a different wiring harness to keep navigation screen. I have the same issue.
For audio, power and steering wheel controls, it uses the same connectors, just some of the wires might need to be re-pinned.

The different connectors are; there is an extra connector, that wouldn't be used, and the connector for the radio antenna is different.
its 2 plugs combined into 1 connector. It basically has 2 antennas for the radio, only one of them needs to be connect (the one with the ground in the last photo).

Base BK1 stereo

infiniti/JBL/premium BK1 Stereo (some regions have the stereo rebranded as JBL. they are the same company)

BK1 Nav


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Any suggestions oh particular ones? I'd love to be able to Bluetooth my phone for android auto
"Bluetooth remote control" = right side steering wheel control buttons. call/hangup
"Steering wheel control" = left side controls.

connect these to together and connect to stereo's steering wheel control wire.
connect "remote ground" to the other stereo steering wheel control wire, or if it doesn't have it, connect it to the stereo ground.
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