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Stock Base Tires

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225 45 18 front
245 45 18 rear
asking $400

practically new, under 500 miles

willing to ship at owners expense

local pick up preferred
location 91748

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good luck... I just ended giving them away. :(
lol ^
good luck... I just ended giving them away. :(
thanks for helping me not make a sale!

you just told everyone that these tires are worth a whopping ZERO DOLLARS!
I will take them for ZERO!
good luck... I just ended giving them away. :(
I don't even think I could give mine away, the stockers on the 18's are garbage tires.
Ill take them Geno .....for FREE IM LOCAL.......JKJK
My apologies. By giving them away I meant left them at Firestone when I bought other tires.
Even if folks on this forum don't want them, they are still 18" name brand performance tires & would sell on other forums where someone is upgrading from their 16s etc.

I cant even sell tires, wheels, and TPMS for that much lolz
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another basher, fck this...

mods please close the thread
Ill give you $100 shipped for the rear 2 if theyre still available?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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