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So I knew nothing about electricity or circuits until 2 weeks ago which helped me through this. Even though I did not notice anything was wrong I hope nothing is affected in the long run. Basically I used the idea to fuse tap the LEDs from the back up lamp but since that only works for track(maybe r-spec) manual I found another fuse that worked on ACC or ignition.

Some of the materials except a wire stripper and 1/4" male disconnects all the material was bought from advanced auto parts (didnt use the spades connector)

Since all the fuses have a circuit running through them on the driver side fuse, I check the passenger side fuse box and used the Sensor1 10amp fuse which only gets power during ACC and ignition
Outer view

The 10amp fuse closest to the huge bundle of wire

I connected 2-10 amp fuses and crimped a wire to the fuse tap an attached it to the fuse

Ran the wire to the other fuse box

GROUND WIRE -Crimped the round connector on to another wire and attached it to a bolt and added electric tape to keep it there

Attached the female disconnects to the other end of the wires and attached it to the DRL relay. Also attached a male and female disconnect to two other wires and attached the females to the other two prongs on the relay and connected the males to the "plugs" where the relay use to be( the two parallel "plugs" that go front to back). The ground wire( wire running from the bolt) is the wire not labeled.

After that closed the fuse boxes and tried to hide the wiring...was not the neatest BUTTTT the the proof of concept is there

AND there u go when i turn my car onto ACC or on the DRLs come on also

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