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Sorry but I have tried searching and can find tons of information about how the tablet installs look, and what you need etc but not found a step by step guide for the type A, specifically how to relocate the screen to lower down.

I have just bought a 2011 Genesis Coupe 2.0T and I have bought all the parts advised. I plan on installing a double din with android auto and also a tablet. Could only find the type a bezel so bought that.

Ripped all the centre panel out the other day and I can't see how the screen fits when you move it to the bottom. I presume I still need it even though I am installing a double din, as it has the air con info on the screen but how does it fit? The bezel kit only came with a couple of straps and no other bezel or anything. Some pics or info would be really helpful.

I bought the kit from Import Shark LCD Multi-Display Bezel Kit, and all that was included was everything is this picture:

Thanks for any help
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