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Tax Season! Are you putting your return into the coupe?

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So its that time to send in the taxes. Some of us are unfortunately gonna pay the government, but the lucky ones are gonna be getting back a nice fat check from Uncle Sam. Are you gonna put it into the car? And if so what are you gonna do?

I cant decide what I want to do. I want to either buy a set of 19in Flat Black XXR with Hankook Tires and Eibach Prokit. That will pretty much eat up all the money, or a new catback exhaust, or new sound system.
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my plans WERE to buy 19" varrstoens in orange with new rubber and sportlines......buuuuuutttttttt.......i opened my big mouth with my daughter around and now we are going to Disney world for vacation for a week or so.

so....rims and drop are gonna be a WHILE away!!
A good chunk of my return will go into the coupe: turbo, manifold, and exhaust is the plan.
Probably going to drop some into my headers, pulleys, and tune.

Should have some left to drop into savings. No matter what I do I will be putting something in savings.
Shoot me or Tom a PM when ya need something. If we got it, we won't be beat on price :D
@wildbill hey i heard one of the other venders are selling turbo kits for $100..whats the best price you can get me w/shipping?

I for one, will be putting all of my money into a GC...considering i dont own one yet, and i get to test drive the car on Thursday...ill be needing ever penny to pay that car off, with the few bucks i got saved so far im looking at buying and paying off my potential car around June w/tax money. but sadly no mods
Yeah I'll be putting some into it but I'm not sure what yet. Just e-filed last night so when I get it I'll decide.
I got to pay :(
I got to pay :(
What is a tax return?:fleshbox:
a tax return is when the government returns excess money you allowed them to borrow interest free. having to pay actually means you came out ahead during the year as long as everything is filed properly. so good job.
I'll be putting some money into my car. Still have to pick up a CMD.


Must be nice.
Cosmetic Goodies. Stay tuned! :D
@wildbill hey i heard one of the other venders are selling turbo kits for $100..whats the best price you can get me w/shipping?
LOL, nice. Show me the link and I would be happy to consider it.
turbo kits for 100? what? lol
never mind I just found out i am getting 25 dollars! :D
This year I owe $35. haha no return for me.
I'm going to get at least $1.5k back, $350 of it being money from Colorado they had since 2009 (lol?). I'd say about 50% for the car, 25% for student loans, the rest in savings.
I gotta pay just like every other year because I make too much :D
^^ Hmmmm.....what do you do for a living? lol
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