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So last night me and the woman went out for a drive around town, everything was fine until we stopped for some food.. after we finish eating we went back to the car started it everything was fine until I put my car in gear.. I had to use both of my hands to try to pull it out of gear.. I had to let the car stall to be able to take it out of gear. very weird its just let the clutch went when we where driving or something..

Also when im driving if I shift it fast it will work fine but as soon as I put my foot on the clutch it goes straight to the floor. I had to pump it at a red light but I don't think I have a leak.

Also stopped at a buddies house and when I was outside I put the car into first gear with my foot on the clutch and I could hear the clutch sliiping and trying to stall the car out..

Just super weird because I was not beating on the car or anything.

\Does this find like anything anyone has had problems with before?

Thanks for the help!
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