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this kid calls. me blah....

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Ay, i know its commmon sense here.
but just quad triple checking.

After i got aftermarket rima, this kid said im freakin dumb to buy the rims in winter and install it in Jan. He said all the salt and snow will mess up my aftermarket rims.he suggest me to change it back to my oem rims .

Kinda pissed to here that.
what should i tell him>?
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He's correct.
Worst post ever.
'This kid' is right... Even Jules as crazy as he is, is smart enough to be sittin on stock 19's for the winter.

Save the wheels for the spring, you'll get alot more satisfaction out of having brand new sexy wheels in the spring knowing they're safe and not destroyed
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dang~~~nice hook up man.
well, dont think u r in ny kk
No he's in jersey
Jules lives on Long Island :squint:
That's my coupe! :D and Yes I live in New York, Long Island as GrayGen38 said to be specific. Put the stock wheels on and wait to enjoy your new wheels when the weather is nice, the roads are clean, and you don't have to worry abut sliding around and curbing them :)
Jules, you should have painted your front bumper black, or dark grey to go with the carbon, it looks weird.
Use common sense. The winter destroys everything. If you modifyu ur vehicle, especially with external appearance mods, be prepaired to ruin stuff unless you keep it stock till spring.
Yea, im always careful with the new rim,
Oh well, too lazy to change it back,
Yea, im always careful with the new rim,
Oh well, too lazy to change it back,
Too lazy? It takes like fifteen minutes tops to swap wheels. I thought I was bad..

Aiden is right... takes 15 minutes (even with a girl doing it) tops and that's that. IMO better to suck it up and NOT be lazy than ruin your new rims...

Unless they're NOT on rims and need to be transferred.. then I'd be lazy too
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