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I’m sure this question has been asked before, but I just wanted to ask people who are knowledgeable of this before making a decision.

I have a 2016 R-Spec and I’m in the process of choosing some aftermarket rims and tires. This is the set up I’ve considered going with: View attachment 78929

I mainly want to know if this would be a good setup and if I’ll need to do anything else to make this work.

I intend on getting either some BC or Silvers coilovers shortly after ordering these because I want to drop the car by about 2 inches. I considered possibly going with 18“ wheels, but I personally like the look of 19“.

Will this setup work or will I need to roll/pull the fenders? A friend of mine suggested getting spacers, but I’m not sure if I’ll need to do that since I already planned on getting the fenders rolled anyway.
This chart has been around forever on the forum. I got Aodhan DS-02 wheels in the 18x9.5+22 and 18x10.5+22 offsets and it fits well. Although there is some poke even at -2* camber. I think your main concern would be the rears might need a larger offset, hence the spacers might be necessary if you can't find a slightly larger offset for the 11's. You might find some examples in those sizes on the wheel fitment mega-thread.
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