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I have had a competition clutch kit in my BK1 for a couple years now.

I knew that the competition clutch had some chatter prior to purchasing it so I just always assumed that was the cause. It is nearly inaudible at idle with the AC turned off ..... however quite noticeable if the AC is on (although when the idle is above 1100 rpms when the car first starts up sometimes, it is no longer audible).

I recently took my car into Hyundai for 4th -> 5th gear shift having extra resistance, however the mechanic was dead set on the issue (both the chatter and the extra resistance going into 5th gear) being the throw out bearing (even after informing them of the change to S.M. Flywheel and that the disk is know to have chattering springs). Of course the TOB was replaced with the clutch with a non OEM unit (replaced with VALEO so it is OEM, just not Hyundai part number) so it is not covered at all under warranty.

One other aspect I just noticed today: with the car in neutral and AC on (so you can hear the chatter pretty good), if I put any pressure by pressing the shiftier against any gear then then the chatter stops. On top of that, if I push the clutch pedal in partially (half engaged but not enough to be able to put the car into gear) then the chatter also goes away.Any

Any thoughts on if the chatter is clutch or TOB and if the resistance in shifting into 1 particular gear has anything to do with the TOB is greatly appreciated.
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