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Took Car to Dealership

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I hope this is in the right section:

Had to get my oil change done so I took my car to dealership and they asked me what else I wanted them to look at. I knew my car had been pulling to the right for some reason (I don't know what happened) so I told them. They spent four hours on wheel alignment and still couldn't get it aligned properly.

Vat is going on? :confused:
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common. staggered wheels + crested streets in north america (driving on right side of the road).

The median/suicide lanes are raised slightly to push water into the gutters.

front and rear "outer" track width are the same, BUT the rear wheels are wider.
This means the rear inner track width is more narrow, so the front wheels kind of try to line themselves into the grooves that are worn into the roads.

If it "was" the alignment that was off, I would to take it to an empty parking lot and try seeing if it wanders.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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