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God, I'm so sick and tired of idiots on this forum arguing over semantics regarding the warranty. Especially the super stupid ones who just pick up bits and pieces of information on the web and act like they know something about it when they are so far from reality and it's probably their first ****ing car and have never dealt with a dealership or warranty and will most likely sit there and weep when they get denied by the service manager.

Voided, denied, it doesn't matter in the practical sense. When you go to the dealership and they flat out blame your mod and deny you coverage, are you going to sit there and argue "so are you voiding my warranty or denying me warranty coverage? I'm protected by the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act!"

Get the **** real.

Coincidentally, I'm watching the Family Guy episode with Peter's "You know what grinds my gears?"

You grind my gears.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts