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I've had many runs w 3.8's when I was in Mexico of coarse. I'm bk2 2.0 manual, bolted & tuned, the bk1 3.8 was an auto, I could beat every time we went no problem. Bk2 3.8 fully bolted manual w no tune was even, sometimes id win, sometimes not but it was very close every time. Now I have meth and I think I'd take a bk2 3.8 but that hasn't happened yet.
Nice! Thanks for the input.

Gencpe, comparing dyno #'s wont help since every dyno is different. For what its worth, I have very similar mods to you... 2013 2.0t 8AT with R2C intake, TurboXS racepipe with 2nd cat delete, TurboXS catback, TurboXS RFL bov, and SFR 1.5 canned tune. I still have my factory O2 so I'm not sure if your definition of downpipe includes primary cat delete or not but other than that our mods are comparable. With that said since you asked for 1/4 times I went couple months ago with those mods, factory 19" wheels on Hankook V12's still at 35+ psi:

60' : 2.152
1/4 mile: 13.687
trap MPH: 101.69

Could have cut a better 60' time letting air out of the tires and brake boosting higher which would have drop the 1/4 time a couple tenths I'm guessing. I honestly think you have a better shot from a dig than a roll.
SFR 1.5 lets you brake boost from dig and roll. Brake boost + 8AT allows you to run 4.9-5.1s 0-60mph all night long consistently and faster than any mildly modded BK2 3.8 6MT can (lets be honest, how much *extra* hp does a tune really give a 3.8 to really affect times anyway). Anyone with a tuned BK2 2.0 8AT can chime in and confirm this thing launches decent for an overweight rwd coupe with a 'Hyundai-made' 8AT if brake boosted from a dig. From a roll, like some have said, the aggressive gearing from the 8AT loses the advantage and you get a lot of power sapped through the transmission.

So IMHO, if you want a guaranteed win, run him from a dig. Your 8AT will consistently out-accelerate him. If you run him from a roll, I say with my butt dyno it will be close but you should be able to take him. If you want an advantage from a roll, I suggest you brake boost. Let us know how it turns out!
Ding ding ding! Very interesting perspective...this is what I was kinda looking for.....

Do you say from a dig bc he can't shift through the gears fast enough while we just have to brake boost and mash the gas? - never thought of this.....

Now I need to figure out if I can brake boost + LC with the tune. I was told we had LC with the tune but the one time I tried it, I just spun the rear tires like doing a burn out.

I'm 3.8 6spd Straightpiped w tune on pump 93

I dont have the slip with me at the moment but I ran...

60' - 2.00
1/4 - 13.2
trap speed - 105mph

This was the best launch I had that night and I dropped rear tire pressure to 25 pounds. 275 tire

Also let me note that I was BANGING gears as fast as I could. I'm planning to pull the backseat out and the trunk to lose some extra weight and run a 50 shot to see if I can break into the 12's.
Interesting... so that's very close.... BK2 2.0T with a few bolt ons and tune Approx. 1/4 mile: 13.687
trap MPH: 101.69 vs. 3.8 bolt ons and tune 1/4 - 13.2
trap speed - 105mph give or take that looks like a drivers race to me in the 3.8..... one mis shift in the 3.8 M/T and it's a loss lol... hmm.......


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I have a 2013 2.0t rspec
I have driven 3.8 and raced them vs mine the 3.8 will win from a dig all day but from a roll with high Roma the 2.0t can put up a fight in short races but the 3.8 will edge it out by a hair but the 2.0t takes off at 1st now this race was done with a 3.8 straight piped , intake and coils my 2.0t had exact same mods I find the 2.0t to be funer driving it it feels to pull harder and sooner
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