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Turbo Removal *HOW TO*

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Tools Needed:

  1. Metric socket set + ratchet
  2. Torque wrench (in/lbs)
  3. 9" or bigger Channel Lock pliers (for those pesky grip clamps)
  4. Vice grips (for the big intercooler hose grip clamps)
  5. Flat tip screw driver
  6. A couple towels
  7. A couple ratchet extensions (3") :used to plug coolant lines:
  8. Ratcheting wrench set (God's gift to man) Just be sure you have a 10mm stubby!
  9. Mechanic's gloves (to protect your hands from cuts and bumps)

*Remove your negative terminal connector at the battery every time you work on your car.*

1. To begin, you will need to remove the ram air intake by removing the 4 plastic screws that hold it in place.

2. Remove the stock air box by unscrewing the 3 10mm bolts that hold it in.

3. Remove the stock intake. You do this by removing the two breather hoses at the motor. Then you will have to use a stubby 10mm ratcheting wrench to unscrew the section that's holding to the turbo intake. (This is if you have a silencer delete that's pretty much stuck in the tube). If not, you can remove the intake in sections which makes life MUCH easier.

4. Before going any further, TAKE A PICTURE of the vacuum setup. This way you can reference it when putting the turbo and vac lines back together.

5. Remove exhaust manifold/O2 housing heat shields by removing the 10mm bolts that hold them down.

6. Remove the two 13mm bolts that hold the wastegate to the turbo.

7. Remove the small c-clip that holds the wastegate arm to the wastegate flapper by using a flat tip screw driver. (Be sure to keep your fingers on the c-clip as you are pushing out with the flat tip) You DO NOT want to lose this!

8. Remove the 17mm bolt holding the oil feed line on TOP of the turbo. Be very careful because there are 2 copper gaskets (one on top and bottom) that are itching to disappear. After it is removed, move it aside and cover it up with a little celophane wrap.

9. Remove the 13mm bolt holding the charge pipe nearest to the turbo.

10. Using a vice grip, unclamp the charge pipe connection at the turbo then move it aside. This will give you a little more wiggle room.

11. Now with the channel locks/pliers, unclamp the first coolant line on the right hand side of the turbo. After doing so, twist the hose clockwise and counterclockwise and PULL until it pops off. Some coolant will spill, but this is why you have towels. Quickly put a 3" extension into the hose (this will plug it up).

12. Now on to the coolant line on the left side. Again, keep a towel handy. Remove the clamp and twist and pull it off of the connection. Like the other hose, use a 3" extension or something to plug the line.

13. Remove the vacuum hose on the right hand side of the turbo.

14. This is tough, but unclamp the oil DRAIN line on the bottom of the turbo. Twist and pull HARD until it releases. Be sure to have some gloves on for this because you will probably bash your hand on something.

15. Now on to the vband clamp. If I remember correctly, I used a 10mm socket to get this. First unscrew one side a little bit so you can wiggle the vband clamp to get to the other side. Then unscrew that side completely while keeping a hand available to catch it.

16. After doing this, your turbo is ready for removal! Just be very CAREFUL not to hit the exhaust fans! The best way I was able to get it out was to slowly pull it out, turn it left, and it should clear.

To reinstall, just follow this in reverse and you should be good!
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Repost yourself? lol

I used that to swap my turbo back when ninjaman made this thread lol
Yeah, I figured I would migrate my old how to into this section for all to use. :)
Well, I can confirm this is a tried and true DIY. Thanks again.
Well, I can confirm this is a tried and true DIY. Thanks again.
Just dont break the bolts off. Im lead to understand that its easy to do.
For the downpipe, yes. Everything else is easy to work with. Just be sure to use penetrating oil and all will be well.':)
Im wondering if this should say "Turbo compressor Removal" so people understand its not the whole turbo including the turbine.
Very true. This is good for those that want to work on their compressor housing. :)
I guess I skipped step 15 and 16 lol. Either way it is a good guid for the preparing to remove the turbo, the rest is common sense... even for a car noob as I was at the time.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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