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***I am here to express my experience running this tune, no more/no less. I am not bashing on TurboXS.***

I own TXS400 turbo, which is TD06 SL2 20G and I run it on their CAN tune for over a year and a half now. So, in order to get tuned, you would have to send your ECU to them. There is no remote solution nor is there a flasher available like it is at PRW.

Previously, prior to TXS can-tune, turbo and injectors I ran PRW stage II for almost 2 years with no issues. My overall transition from stage II to stage III was basically the turbo itself and DW 750cc injectors; everything else stayed the same. Once the turbo was installed and the ECU was flashed, I had noticed a couple of things wrong with my car.

First, my car started idling really rough right after I get a full tank. I even created a thread about here - . The issue is still present and I just live with it. There are no EVAP related codes present, so it is really unknown why this is happening.

Next, I started having lean codes that I've never had before although the tune is pretty rich. I've replaced the primary O2 and that did not help. I still have the codes.

Further, the LO speed fan is constantly ON now as soon as the car is started. Jermaine had never heard of that before. Speaking of Jermaine, I've been emailing with him starting December 7, 2017 up until few days ago. I've been patiently waiting and hoping to get TXS to help with my tune related problems but that did not happen.

So, I just wanted to leave this message here. Again, the tune is working and my car is running BUT it's got problems that I was unable to solve. I was also unable to get TXS to help me with them. I don't have time driving to Maryland from Tennessee for them to take a look. That was even why I went with the can tune, so I did not have to drive to them...

Anyway, the choice is yours, this is just my 2 cents here. I am now considering Alphaspeed for my tuning needs.
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