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Used Exhaust I prefer magnaflow (something with a low roar)

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:d hey guys i am looking for a used exhaust i would like one that adds a nice amount of hp/tq with a low roar i am sick of rycer sounding cars they are annoying i want something powerful and mean!!!
Please let me know and post a video of how your exhaust sounds
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buy his^ stock tips=sleeper
DC Sports, best price around! Pm me!
im not looking for anything stock guys. especially the tips haha
let me know prices!!
im so desperate for a sick exhaust
what you want a pic of ? i can send you a pic of the back of the car what it looks like but i tired to get underneath pics but i couldnt get any good ones. i need to jack it up but for like 100 you can get some sick tips and weld them up
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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