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I'm posting this here as well hopefully it is helpful to anyone building their 2.0!

So I've been building a block for my 2011 Rspec on my YouTube Channel for a couple months now (Taking my time, Cant rush perfection lol). So when it came down to correctly timing the motor the online Chilton Manual i've been using is not very clear with the instructions. After looking at other vids and those being somewhat more helpful than the manual but not dead on accurate I remembered that this block is essentially the 4B11b Block out of the Mitsubishi Lancer. All I did was search 4B11 Timing Marks and found it just like that.

Am I wrong for using them? It was really to make sure the Crank was dead on! one of the videos said that the timing mark on the chain gear wasn't important.... I'm wondering how long it took after he made that statement that his motor went boom>:D

Here is the link to the video I made on my Youtube Channel:

Here is where I found the 4B11B Timing marks (which is also in the description of my video): » 4B11 Timing Chain ? Good, Bad and Ugly. (mostly ugly, not so much good) Road /// Race Engineering

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