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Couple of things.

1) New tuned ECU won't pull your VIN once plugged in. If scanned it will show whatever VIN it was last programmed with.

2) Be careful with used tuned ECUs. There are several types and versions of software on the ECUs out there even for the exact same year, trim, trans, etc. Running a different version can cause issues with immobilizer where car either won't start or goes into limp mode frequently and randomly.

3) If you want to know the history and if its compatible to your car, contact SFR. Jay saves all stock data and in for for each ECU. He may be able to reference the info off the sticker on it to give you more info to answer these questions.

4) The ECU will have no outward sign if flashing. That is the point of a reflash, so that you don't have to deal with the dealer hassling you for warranty work.

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