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Vote for my GenCoupe to be in the philadelphia auto show!

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Please go to and vote my Genesis to be in the Philadelphia Auto Show! Go to the there website on the right hand sid. Look for the icons that constantly change and click on the one that says custom car slam. My names Rich Cantagallo and my Genesis is white and black!
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for the M

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voted 5x good luck.

Edit: you got the black car right? LOL j/k
Some people are complaining that the site isnt letting them vote. If that happens please try again later or the next day! :D
Voted... multiple times lol... I wonder how many of them count though because you can just keep on clicking and X'ing out of the Thank You message
Hope you win.
voted 5 times
You better win. I spammed mouse3 on your vote tab and opened about 20 tabs. Then I refreshed all the tabs thrice.
Sent a vote your way. Hope you win as it would be nice for the Genesis Coupe to get more recognition.
thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as entering. Every year the make a announcement and you just send in some pics and hope!

GL D00D:bigthumbup:
Ty guys!!!! You can vote multiple times!!!!! :)
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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