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Vyrus 986 M2 to hit the streets, blow our minds in September

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We've been salivating over the Vyrus 986 M2 since last weekend, whic is when the bike took a bow in Verona. Beyond the non-traditional design, heaps of carbon fiber and hub-centric steering, the weapon is bound to be pull-your-eyelids-off fast thanks to its svelte curb weight of just 297 pounds. Throw in a modified Honda CBR600RR engine good for a blistering 125 ponies and you've got the recipe for a whole heap of naughty two-wheeled dreams. The bike was built to tango on the Moto2 circuit, and as such, there was dim hope of us common folk ever laying our hands on the handlebars.

Today, that hope got a little brighter. Vyrus has announced that it will produce a street-going version of the 986 M2, complete with pesky bits like headlights, stoplights, turn signals and a functional horn. According to Asphalt & Rubber, the bike will likely pack a slightly softer punch than the full-on race version, though an optional track mode will turn up the muscle to appropriately absurd levels. Look for this monster to hit the street in September, and head over to for a closer look.

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