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I just bought a white Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track about 2 months ago and i love it, but there's one design problem, water leaks in on the passenger side foot well. The first time i noticed this was after we had a pretty good rainstorm and there was about a cup of water on my passenger side floor mat(they're rubber mats so i could see it). And I didn't think much of it but i would keep an eye on it. After our latest storm i could obviously tell water was dripping in. So i immediately took it to the dealership where i bought the car where they could check it out. They ran it through the car wash 3 times and it never leaked, but when they put water hose on the windshield so the water could run down into the area where the fresh air for the a/c is taken in and it leaked. The fresh air intake for the a/c is located at the base of the windshield area. If you open the hood and look at the back of the engine compartment you'll see a rubber seal that seals the rear of the hood and directly behind that seal in the middle of the car are about 20 or 30 little holes, and that is where your fresh air is being taken in. Now the area around this intake does not adequately drain water, which leads to a back up of the water and causes the leaking to occur(the leak only occurs when the car is parked, not moving). People with carpet mats probably dont notice this because the water is a limited amount, but its still water coming into your car. Hyundai said that they had no fix to this problem yet, but it's a factory defect and they need to come up with one soon. Keep your eyes out for water guys!
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probably something blocking the AC drain tube.

Thats where the water is suppose to drain from, if it manages to get into the vent system.
There is a sunroof drain that goes through the right side footwell area. Maybe the tube is split or something. It comes out behind the fender liner.

Here's a picture of it. It's the black tube. That is if you have a sunroof.

this looks like the drainage for the top cowl section. the plastic cover where the wipers are.

Tell dealer to check under the cover. water is obviously not draining for that section properly.

BTW the hose drains to somewhere behind the rear of the fender. auto manufacturers have had the drain setup the same way for decades. its the same way on may datsun, but on my datsun, the drain pipe was like 1 1/2 inches.
Wow this thread is still going?

Do this if it hasn't been raining and for some reason the floor is wet.

Anyways, things that you can check is the AC drain hose under the car.

There is a loose hose under the car, in the transmission tunnel that just hangs there. Poke it with like a long narrow screwdriver, just to check for some reason that it's clogged.

Reason why it being clogged could lead to wet floors, is because whenever you have the windshield defrost going, it turns on the AC, even with the heat on. It does this, so the AC evaporator can collect the humidity and drain it out before the air hits the heater.

Besides that, the other spots I would have the shop take a look at it, unless you like taking apart your car.

there are 2 drain hoses under where the cover for the wiper arm areas are, on either side. If you look under the dash (I mean, really under) you will see a hose coming from the wiper area, to the area right behind the rear of the front fenders. the seal on either end of these hoses could have been not seated properly. IMO the hoses are freakin tiny, and could be clogged. My datsun has the same setup (as with almost all cars) but with hoses 5x bigger.

The other area is on the passenger side of the same area, the cabin air inlet. Some people have found their's improperly sealed, where it needs to be.
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AC is one whenever the air if directed at the windshield (explained why above)

Heater and AC use the same blower motor.

Cracks on the headlights/taillights are from it at some point being exposed to a harsh solvent.
The plastic it's made out of is close to what polycarbonate is.
Has there beena recall or warrenty on this? my car constantly gets water in it and is costing me a lot to replace the light sthat get blown and not to mention the damage and mod hta can happen...anything that ca be done legally if not under warrenty?
Any recalls by any auto manufacturers would to address a safety concern. Otherwise it would just be a TSB
they should cover it..mold..electrical..and it is require for satety youd think theyd have to by law?
That's not how it works.

If manufacturers had their way, there would be no recalls.
Issues get reported to the NHTSA, the its that body to to determine if the issues is a safety issue enough to warrant a recall.
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