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I just bought a white Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track about 2 months ago and i love it, but there's one design problem, water leaks in on the passenger side foot well. The first time i noticed this was after we had a pretty good rainstorm and there was about a cup of water on my passenger side floor mat(they're rubber mats so i could see it). And I didn't think much of it but i would keep an eye on it. After our latest storm i could obviously tell water was dripping in. So i immediately took it to the dealership where i bought the car where they could check it out. They ran it through the car wash 3 times and it never leaked, but when they put water hose on the windshield so the water could run down into the area where the fresh air for the a/c is taken in and it leaked. The fresh air intake for the a/c is located at the base of the windshield area. If you open the hood and look at the back of the engine compartment you'll see a rubber seal that seals the rear of the hood and directly behind that seal in the middle of the car are about 20 or 30 little holes, and that is where your fresh air is being taken in. Now the area around this intake does not adequately drain water, which leads to a back up of the water and causes the leaking to occur(the leak only occurs when the car is parked, not moving). People with carpet mats probably dont notice this because the water is a limited amount, but its still water coming into your car. Hyundai said that they had no fix to this problem yet, but it's a factory defect and they need to come up with one soon. Keep your eyes out for water guys!
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5 out of 7 GC owners DO NOT have a water leak.

My trunk leaked from day one. The seals were recently replaced so I have to see if the problem has been fixed.

My trunk leaked from day one. The seals were recently replaced so I have to see if the problem has been fixed.
A week after the weather stripping was replaced, it's better but still leaking.

And I know it's likely an easy fix but it's less than half a year old. Let the dealer and Hyundai pay to fix that ****. :mad:
He said that the angle and the amount of rain caused the runoff holes to get overwhelmed and there is no fix other than to not park on a heavily sloped area (front of car on the upslope) during heavy rain.
Well that's bullshit! I wouldn't accept that as a final answer. :mad:
Ok. Thanks.
As in, I would keep complaining until they come up with a permanent solution.

It's a design flaw or a flaw in workmanship, which is a violation of their warranty. At least that's how I'd argue it.
I would point out that a warranty is to remedy a workmanship fault in either the manufacture or integration of a part or sub system. If it is a design flaw that is not what a warranty is for. That goes back to engineering. If the drain was not properly connected then a warranty would be used to correct that. If the engineers did not adequately design the sub-system then you have to live with it. I mean all cars have quirks somewhere. It sucks, but keep it in perspective. I tend to think the dealership really cannot do anything about it. You can speak to Hyundai corporate and see what they say. Be polite and persistent.
Don't take this the wrong way man but taking that position automatically places you in a position of weakness. I never said "Don't be professional" when working with your service guys. In fact, since I work in a service industry and I know what it's like to be the customer's punching bag for something that is entirely not your fault, I understand that sometimes they are just the messengers. My point is that you can be professional in your workings with your service guys/manager and with Hyundai and still be forceful in your dealings. 9 times out of 10 it simply takes knowing your rights as a consumer and not taking no for an answer.

Ol Drill Sergeant Jones used to always say, "Soldier, never take No for an answer from someone who doesn't have the power to say Yes."

As for me: Took it back for a third time. This time I practically dragged the tech out of his shop by the ear. I then had him feel the wetness in the driverside rear corner and told him "It's likely a bad seal on the taillight or if the sunroof has drain tubes, one of those. He could feel the wetness when I showed him.

Got it back this Saturday and we're having some pretty heavy downpours now. Lets wait and see before I continue to build towards thermonuclear. :mad:
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Its been 3 weeks, 2 rainstorms and one power washing. So far no leakage.

:) guys aren't going to believe this but here's what happened. Last week Chicago had a "squall line" pass by dropping 3" of water in less than an hour. It was enough water to overwhelm the city's sewer system turning our street, a major avenue in the city, into a river. It also flooded just about every person's house. Luckily we're in the process of swapping out our floors so who really cared if we got some water on the concrete subfloor of ours?

Anywho, the next day I take the car out for grocery shopping and notice the footwell behind the driver's seat has some water ON TOP of my rubber floormats. "Oh hell nah!" Underneath the mat, the carpet was soaked as if I had just dumped a quart of water back there. I could also feel the dampness on the carpet leading up to and underneath the rear seat directly behind the driver but oddly enough, no where else. As water intrusion was already an issue with this car, I quickly checked the trunk and sure enough, the top of my rubber trunk mat was wet and there was a pool of water in my spare compartment.

"Back to the dealer you go...brand new car that I have only had for 8 months." But this time I took it to a different dealer because I had already been fed up with the guys I bought it from.

Now mind you, as of today its been over a week since I've taken it in and its still there today. the diagnosis that they discovered almost immediately was "cracked welds."

"On a brand new car??? Well ain't that a bitch?"

They had a body shop re-weld that ish, repaint and reseal but every time they retest for water intrusion, they keep finding more areas for the water to work its way into the cabin. The dealer's current line remains the issue being more cracked welds.

Sure I'm pissed that I've had nothing but problems with this car but I've kinda already relegated myself to the position that once the "bumper to bumper" warranty goes out, I'm dropping this car like a crazy ex-girlfriend. And like a crazy ex-girlfriend, its a shame too because...this girl is hot and really knows how to get my blood pumping.
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I just found a leak like Obyone's. Right behind the drivers seat. Unfortunately it's between 10-20 degrees outside and the pool behind my seat is frozen over. I'll be taking her into the dealership this week and I'll post what they say. According to you guys it should be the welds. Lets see what the come up with.

5 minutes later:
Just checked the trunk and found an inch of ice under the spare.
Did any one get this repaired under warranty?

After 2 years, the leak has not returned. And yes, this was completely covered under warranty.

After 2 years, the leak has not returned. And yes, this was completely covered under warranty.
Update: well so much for that. Got the car back from the carwash and found water in the spare well.

Man! Even Hyundai service techs know this is a design flaw with the rear taillights.
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