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Weird Limp Mode Issue

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I have a 2011 R-Spec. My mods are a dynojet cmd with 20psi tune, 02 pipe, downpipe, catback, intake and BOV. My tune is great until this.... I will be driving and do a nice pull and then suddenly i will shift down and try to do a pull again and boom, only boosting 4psi. I am missing my top stud on my 02 housing which causes and exhaust leak, I will be getting it fixed on monday, but I am wondering is this whats causing the "limp mode"? Could the first 02 sensor realize i have a leak and thats whats throwing it off?
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Id try fixing that but I'm sure u have a stored check Eng light code stored that u have to check first. This way u'll know what it's all about.
How can i pull that code?
thats exactly what happens.... how can i fix it!? im not familiar with the programming either =/
can anyone send me their map with clamps set?
clamps are different for every car, you need to use the ones for YOUR car. Theres tons of tutorials on finding the clamps...

Go here and read the one that says logging and boost tuning tutorial.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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