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Weird noise under boost

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About a hour ago I got onto the freeway and went woot in 2nd gear and once I let off the gas to get into 3rd it sounded like a cicada going off inside my engine bay, and now once I get to 3k u can hear, any ideas of what it could be?

Edit, heppens over 3k, not under boost
Video of noise
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You have the stock BOV?

Also sometimes an aftermarket intake will amplify noises.

Why is your CEL on?
You have the stock BOV?

Also sometimes an aftermarket intake will amplify noises.

Why is your CEL on?
I have prob 45k on that intake, stock bov, and the codes from the tune. I'm goin to see if a code pops up after I unplug the battery, because the code for the tune only pops up once I start the car after shutting it off after unplugging the battery.
maybe something got sucked into the intake/turbo...
maybe something got sucked into the intake/turbo...
Why would the noise only come in at 3k everytime?
I don't wanna go into the dealer because I'm modded and to send in my ecu to get it detunned would take allot of time since jay is so busy.
Sounds like a heat shield vibration to me. Maybe something on the exhaust.
its not any heat shield, no code popped up, idk what this could be, some1 told me it might be a injector. the noise is coming from behind the block
Please some1 help me out here :(
Edit. Haven't solved problem yet
bump, please some1 help me out here
I still think it is a rattle man. Exhaust under the car or on the back of the motor. Could be something going on with your pressure plate and clutch..
The noise starts at 3k and progresses to redline. I've checked the turbos heat shields and every head shield in the bay, I haven't been over 3k since Friday, beyond frustrated with the car
I have a similar noise at around 3-4k rpm but it doesn't go past that. Something it's only at a certain spot of the rev range and it goes away at times.

Not sure man :(
Why not take it to the dealer and have them look at it if was caused by a mod at least you'll know what it is even though it might not be fixed under warranty. Pretty hard to diagnose from a sound clip.
I think I have listened to that clip 100 times.. I am beginning to think it is your clutch/pressure plate or something going on in there. A heat shield rattle would change pitch with RPM. I say take it to the dealership also.

Why is your Check engine light on BTW?
i will be re-installing the old plugs, i know i installed the new plugs correctly but it worth a try. the light has to do with the tune, nothing related to the noise.
tomorrow im going to a friends shop and see if anyone there can confirm whats going on and if now im going to have to send in ecu and take all the mods off the car and send it into the dealer, but thats the last thing i want to do. im just hoping its something small and nothing wrong with the internals of my engine.
Before removing all that stuff, take it to the dealer and find out the problem, their not gonna void it if they can't prove your mods were the cause, there's an act, they can try to tell you ur warranty is voided but you can also say prove my mod or wte is the cause.. Another thing what CEL are you throwing with the tune?
I just started searching for this exact problem. It started today, I noticed a weird noise downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. Then it started happening more frequently. Now, a few hours later, it happens every time I get between 3k-3.5k rpms. I'll be talking with my dealership tomorrow. Sounds like a really weird rattle that I've never heard before. I only have 11,000kms.

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i took my car to my buddy's shop today and every1 there didn't know what it was, i went to a another shop where my friend let me change my oil there and let me jack the car up on a lift and i couldn't see anything wrong, one of the guys told me it could be something with my valves or the springs in the valve. im going to take all the mods off the car and go into the dealer to have them look at it.

can u post a video of the noise, i wanna see if its the same thing.
What oil filter do you use (anybody having this issue)?
What oil filter do you use (anybody having this issue)?
i always went to the dealer to get the filter and washer, but today i bough a gold filter from napa
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