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What do you guys think of burple?

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On stock 18"

It's that or bronze for this summer.
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Would look awesome on your car, but not with the stock 18s. IMO.
Ya I know, I'm trying to imagine it in my head but no go.

nvm...I'm going to run with the idea and have it done for this March.
I shall post results when they are ready =P
Only if they are track only wheels. Don't be a douche and run around on the street with them and think you're trendy.

My Z28 was blurple.
Sorry, that's just purple.
And I say go for it.
Bronze would be the more conservative option but any bright colour can go with the dark grey.

It's your car.

Try some of the Photoshop guys in the media section, they should be able to whip up something to look at during the stormy season.
100% nord gray on bronze...
Would look awesome on your car, but not with the stock 18s. IMO.
This ^^
Nord Grey is a pretty classy color for the GC. IMO, funky colors like that dont work well with grey, any other color they would.

Bronze looks good although its not really my thing. If I do color Id rather get gold.
I cant see the grey and would be very different that is for sure. I am partial to black rims but I know thats not very original...Go lime green!! =P
I wonder if the mods can please move this over to the photography section and see if anybody can get a nord grey photoshopped with 18" stock rims on the purple, bronze, white please? Black IMHO is too played out now :p

Only temporary for this coming summer until I save up for the rims I want...

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ehhh I think gold would be too bright on the grey. I'd go bronze or black. White's gonna look too goofy you need a strong color to offset the pop of a white wheel think electron blue 99 civic si with the white wheels. Blurple is a fail IMO. Lime green is the best color option honestly as green and grey go very well together. I think a black wheel with a polished lip would go best for looks. I'm planning bright gold with polished lips on mine but wheels come last on the list. still need flash, headers, and lsd before suspension and wheels. the only things that get lower priority than wheels are tint (illegal in my state on front windows) and supercharger (heinously expensive) :)

Edit: If it's just a temporary powdercoat on your stock 18s why even bother? You're gonna spend a few hundred dollars that you could be saving toward your new wheels...doesn't make good sense...
I know all the things you mentioned above, I mean I think the most neutral look would be the bronze because we've seen what it looks like. I also believe there was a picture posted in the past with white rims on a nord grey and to be honest, it didn't look half bad. ;D

I'm done my performance in March so I'm going to just save up for wheels now until my warranty runs out. I appreciate the constructive criticism guys =D

supercharger (heinously expensive) :)
or a TT kit =D
Would be amazing, look forward to the setup. =D

Ya, you are right there....I mean VOLKS are much more....ummmm....worth the wait! LOL
If you like it and don't mind spending the money instead of putting it to the new wheels, do it. Black/grey/bronze has been done, be different. It's only until you get your new wheels anyway.
My mind is made up, I'm going for the purple that is shown above on the TSX.
Spacers, pro-kit, will be up in March =P
find a set of used 19's and than do all that stuff, to me the 18's dont look good PC but your car do what you like
I agree 100% percent about the stock 19s but I believe I can pull it off. If I see a good deal on 19s before I do get them powdercoated then I will definitely go that route ;D
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