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Where can you buy OEM interior trim.

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Was wondering where you can buy the OEM interior trim (silver plastic sh_t). I know you can order it at the dealer, but was wondering if there was a place online that i could just order off of.
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You can get it at quite a few online Hyundai OEM stores. The problem is correctly determining the exact part number.

I have a collision part list for the Gen Coupe. It is not always right but gets in the ball park. I still have to communicate the exact part I need.

Google Hyundai OEM parts and there will be quite a few places. Prices may vary quite a bit though.

There are two sponsors on the list too that deal on OEM parts. They may be the better way as they will come up with the part numbers for you.
Do you know which two?
Not without searching. What part do you need?
the shifter trim, the main center console (where the radio, A/C, etc is), and the trim on the steering wheel
Cover, Shifter

Man Trans
w/Heated Seats 84650-2M400-S4 $194.11
w/o Heated Seats 84650-2M500-S4 $120.61

Auto Trans
w/Heated Seats 84650-2M000-S4 $136.47
w/o Heated Seats 84650-2M100-S4 $77.84

Panel, Center Cluster 84741-2M200-9P $66.71

I think you need to order the whole steering wheel.

Wheel Assy, Steering

w/Cruise Control 56110-2M161-9P $532.97
w/o Cruise Control 56110-2M120-9P $449.74

w/Audio Remote Control 56110-2M291-9P $1,084.68
w/o Audio Remote Control 56110-2M220-9P $871.02
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thanks for the info
PM me if youre interested, I can go lower than MSRP on this stuff.
Can you also get the black trim from the 2011s for the 2010s? If so I'm willing to sell all of my silver interior trim
Not all of the trim is available yet.

The order process for getting those parts from Korea is a special order process that involves having a VIN for the car needing the part (in this case a 2011 coupe) and the reasons why the car needs the part. Its not that difficult of a process, but its tricky for this situation because everyone here has different trim levels.
^Theyre going to run into the same issue Im running into. We all order our parts from HMA, alot of the 2011 trim still isnt available yet. the Rspec shifter surround and radio surround are for sure in my Ontario PDC, but the door handles, pull trim, display surround still arent available.
NCZ13 - You still able to get 2011 and 2012 black/smoke colored interior trim pieces? I have a 2010 3.8 Track, that I would like to change out all the silver trim to the 2011/2012 black/smoke pieces. Thanks!
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