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Why no dual projector headlights?

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I'm shocked that theres superlux led tails, oem led tails etc but no new headlights! I'd love to see a company make either a dual projector (im not talking about custom making one) for the hids or either bi-xenon projector. They look cool on cars. Reflector style headlights are american (im 100% born & raised philadelphia so im allowed to knock on our cars) haha

awaits some ass to flame
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Lol you do realize that you own a Hyundai, right? It would cost $50,000 easy to get new headlights made--and that doesn't cover the cost of manufacturing. It's $50k for R&D and tooling.

SuperLUX tails were a miracle, but not perfect as we all know. All other LED ones from Korea used the stock housing with just a clear cover added. Those are all discontinued now.
I think the headlights we are trying to manufacture and market to online retailers will be the closest to an aftermarket set as you will see in the near future, as mentioned above.
I think the headlights we are trying to manufacture and market
how's that going?
how's that going?
very good. we're looking to start mass producing them.
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