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I have a 2012 2.0T. I live in an area with a lot of snow and I do a lot of winter driving. Five years ago I purchased a set of Altimax Arctic snow tires on 17 x 7 rims. The tire size installed was 215/55 front and 225/55 rear. The car drove very well with this setup - not for auto crossing but for daily driving in bad road conditions. Those tires are now five years old and I need a new set.

One of the issues with the snow tires was that I could not rotate them in any way as the tire is directional (most good snow tires are) and the different front and rear size meant that I couldn't rotate them front to rear. As a result of this the front tires got badly chewed up well before they wore out. The rear tires have just pain worn away.

I am considering purchasing four 225/55 tires and putting them on all four corners. I have heard that this will confuse the traction control system (which I usually shut off anyway). Are there other issues with setting up the tires this way? I am not too worried about changing the handling of the car a bit. When the roads are icy and wet, charging into corners at the limit is not advised and I won't be doing it. With this setup I would be be able to rotate the tires front to rear and extend their life.

I have looked at the front to rear tire ratios and can add this information: stock rotation differential is 3.6%, the current snow tire differential is 1.65%, and of course all four tires the same is 0.0% differential. The rotation per mile of the 225/55 snow tires is exactly the same as the stock rear tires; 777 revs per mile.

Anyone with experience going with four tires of the same size, please comment.
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