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xxr 527 only in 18?

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i was looking online and is the biggest size available going to be 18??? they do look sick tho !
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yup the biggest size is 18, which is why a few members aren't going to purchase
im thinking about it even tho ,,, amazing looking rim ! will 18x8.75 with a +20 offset fit the stock tires?
I want to get them to but the color choices suck azz.

and yes they will fit
used to love the gold but i feel 18's in gold will look kind of small :-/....but i figure i might as well try it cause if i dont like it i could always powdercoat them black ...... or maybe i could even get them a silver =) thinking those with lowering springs will look nice
Stock tires are kinda thick and make them look smaller than they are. But yes, a simple silver color would be win for these rims. Even for the 522s, silver would be win.
im also thinking matte black with like purple lugs or something ..... wld the tires be really stretched?
Stock tires are 225 and 245
25.4mm in 1 inch
8.75 x 25.4=222.25mm so no stretch, at least for 8.75in rims
i have a 2.0t rspec and i plan on getting the 18x9.75 +20 on all four corners. i'm lowered on sportlines and plan on getting fairly large tires for autox/track day purpose

they should fit considering the rear of our cars can take a 19x10 rear and the varrstoen guys have a 19x9.5 +12 in the front with coilovers. so whats a quarter of an inch if i am gaining 10mm of positive offset to account for it.

i see it as i'm loosing a little in the looks department but gaining performance and tons of choices for when i inevitably need new tires
It's all about orders. If XXR back in China sees a lot of the 18"s being sold here they will (next year) produce a 19".

That's what they told me anyways.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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