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I love my salesman

Got a call a couple days ago from the salesman i bought my 2011 Genesis coupe and 2011 Sonata.
He said he had some thing at the dealership that i might be interested in. My thinking was that he had a Track or r-spec 6mt for me.

Wasn't a car.

he said he had a Genesis banner that they were gonna throw away. He figured since i love my Genny and that i bought 2 new cars off him he would see if i wanted the banner.

i said yes i want it and ill be there in a minute.

when i got there i was expecting a window poster or something, but instead what i got was a 4' wide x 7' length cloth banner that hung from the celing.


i told him if he has anymore Hyundai stuff that they were gonna trash, let me know.

if only it were Mirabeau blue.

now i gotta wait till spring when we get a new house or i can remodel my garage(hoping for the new house) before i can hang it.

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haha I just got a PM from another member asking for stuff like this. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure all of our stuff is gone. Every month or so Hyundai sends us new posters, banners, and such and we just throw away the old ones. If I run into anything Ima try to keep it and offer it to you guys
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