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Year Make Model Topic Be Descriptive!Washed my Genny today

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Washed my Genny today

Had to make a parts run for work and figured while i was out i would clean the genny up.

40 degree weather and partly cloudy sky.

got her all washed up. got back to work and after the afternoon rush pulled her inside the warm bay and detailed and vacuumed her out.

i cant wait till spring gets here!!!!!

she looks sooooo sexy now.

that is all:rofl:
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love the title lol
i deleted that

thats poopie
Managed to slip in a wash and wax myself. Except it's 70 here...and I had to scrape ice off the windshield Friday.

A WTF?!? day for sure, but I'm glad of the chance to clean the crud off.
It can be really surprising just to how much better your car looks after you haven't washed it in a was starting to hate the fact i have a Hyundai Tiburon(cuz i love the GC) but when i washed it the other day it just looks so damn good....almost like new again...gotta keep her clean even if life gets busy..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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